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Creating Sport Community

I created this website to help support and strengthen sport communities; specifically athletes and families participating in recreational, competitive, and elite sports. Life in sports can get complicated. My hope is to help bring insight into the craziness so everyone can have the best experience possible.

Sports Enthusiast/Mom

My name is Marissa and I am passionate about sports and education. Read my Family Sport Story for more on how I got into this business. I have an amazing spouse and two wonderful children and reside in Albuquerque, NM. We are a sports family! The little ones are both in gymnastics. We love to play sports and attend local games and events whenever possible. We are big baseball fans and regularly watch or listen to our favorite teams (Tigers, Rockies, Lobos) during the season. My spouse and I also love to play fantasy baseball and football.

College Professor

I  teach a variety of communication classes at the University of New Mexico and specialize in relationships and communication, specifically within sports contexts. Check out my Linked In page for a detailed listing of classes and academic foci.

Why Educate Sport?

I started this website because I love sports and I don’t believe enough opportunity exists to learn about sports and sport culture in an educational capacity. There are still very few sport programs in college although they are growing. Within those programs, few actually focus on sport history, culture, and influence within our world! Weird, I know. While I work to develop more sport curriculum at the college level, and I am, I want to create a space to talk about sport that is accessible to all. I want to support parents, athletes, and professionals in the very complex sport environment. I want to help athletes and their families have positive experiences in sport at all levels of competition.

Recognizing the Importance of Identity & Relationships 

My unique approach to sports involves the importance of relationships. Specifically, I am interested in how relationships, identity, and culture influence sport participation and performance.  By relationships I mean everything from athlete-family, to athlete-athlete, to coach-athlete, to parent-parent, to athlete-fan and more depending on the age of the athlete and the level of competition. By identity I mean how we come to understand ourselves and how others perceive who we are (such as body type, gender, race, religion, socio-economics, raw talent, personality…to name a few) and how these varying and complex identities influence sport participation through relationships and communication. Speaking of culture, I mean the beliefs and structures that drive the organization and operation of competitive sports such as socializing values, capitalism, and win-at-all-cost mindsets.

As you read my blogs, you will gain a greater understanding and, I hope, appreciation of the way relationships, identity, and culture are at play within sports participation. It is my hope that this view of sport will help you and your family make the most of your experience and more successfully manage difficult situations. I also look forward to your responses to the blogs and requests for me to blog about specific topics and scenarios!

If you are looking for more personalized, in-depth, or organizational education, I am available for a variety of trainings, work-shops, and one-on-one consulting. Please view my Hire Me page for more information.