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Everyday Athlete


I participated in sports year round for a solid chunk of my life. Not much time these days with a full-time job and two little ones. But I still crave that physical competition and exertion. Maybe once the kids are in school and doing their own thing, Jared and I can join a league of sorts but until then I have to take what I can get. A little over a year ago I started doing the Beachbody home workouts. I started with 21 Day Fix Extreme, then moved on to Insanity Max 30, and then PiYo. I now have Beachbody on demand and do a variety of different programs. On average I exercise 6 days a week for 30-45 minutes. Sometimes I do two-a-days and sometimes I take a few days off. I love the Beachbody workouts because I can really push myself physically in 30 minutes and get the physicality I need to satisfy that thing inside my brain that just wants to hit something. When I was young I was a bruiser. Snowboarding and skateboarding I was always hurling myself off of whatever to the tune of ever-present bruises and gashes, a few broken bones and too many chips in my shins that are now buried in tissue around my ankles. I was never afraid to put my body in front of the biggest player on the other team or my face in front of the ball when necessary. One year in college I played rugby and that was wonderful. Full tackle, no pads, pure crazy. It was like heaven.

Life is a bit different now, but I still want to push myself hard physically everyday. I may not be an athlete per say but it’s arguable. I will always see myself as an athlete. And I crave feeling like an athlete. I love feeling strong, there is a high in that for me that has always been there. The other day I was waiting for the bus to work and realized I forgot my wallet in the car. I had 5 minutes until the bus arrived so I sprinted back across the street, climbed over a fence and down a hill into the parking lot. I got the wallet and turned to sprint back up the hill and over the fence and across the street (hopping the fence was a necessary time saver, I usually walk around it) to return to the bus stop a full minute before the bus. Did I mention I had a full bag and my coffee in hand? Not too shabby for a late 30s mom of two. Athleticism for me has always begun was a state of mind. And I feel like I could take on the world.


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